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Only the highest quality grade Lamb, Calf, Goat-Suede and Sheepskin, are used to create garments that exceed expectation.
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Super Duper!! this shoe. The neutral/brown color is just in line for fall 2006. It fits like a glove on my wide foot. Yes, I said wide foot. That is why I like New Balance shoes. The shoes can accommodate my duck like foot! Very happy with style, fit and design. Thumbs up...or should I say web foot up for New Balance and Zappos! High arches? Make sure you have orthotics - Well, I clock an average of 7 miles in a day, 5 days a week. I have high arches, and these shoes did NOT provide anywhere what I needed. While the arch support is pretty non existent on New Balance in general, the shoe DOES hold up quite well on the leather and the cushioned bottom. I'm fine in these shoes as long as I use an orthotic. No back, leg, or foot pain or fatigue, stress or strain. That's way more than I can say about Reebok, Spalding, or anything else I've tried. Six narrow - I'm very satisfied with the shoes, and am really happy I have found a company that actually has shoes in my size - 6 narrow. The shoes feel and look great. I have no complaints at all. They were shipped very timely as well. How I hate these shoes now - When I purchased these shoes, I walked up and down the stairs of my home and all around my house. They were great so I made the mistake of walking in them outside. The tongue on the shoe rubs my foot no matter what type of sock or how I lace them. Unfortunately, I found this out too late to return them. Make sure you have no problem with the stitching around the tongue before you keep these shoes.

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