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  1. James Says:

    Great fit and comfortable as well – I bought these shoe for my wife and she loves them. She likes to do a lot of walking and found that these shoes fit the bill. Not only do they fit well but are very comfortable. Rockport Walker – Great walking shoe. I have owned many pairs over the years. I put a lot of mileage on them, but they hold up well and never make my feet feel tired. I am also grateful to find a good-looking women’s walking shoe in a wide width.

  2. Hummelstown Says:

    Please don’t discontinue this wonderful style – I purchased this shoe model at a local Rockport outlet in 2002 when I needed a shoe to be fitted for a leg brace. I wanted to substitute it for the shoe I originally selected. But it was too late to make the substitution. In the meantime I wore the shoes which helped my stability and allowed me to walk longer and further than any other shoe ever did. In the meantime, through strength training, I no longer need a leg brace. When I went to replace the first pair, it was difficult to locate another pair. Thank goodness for the internet and Zappos fine service so I have a clean pair in the closet. The first pair is going strong but has some wet grass stains. I have had both pairs orthopedically corrected for the lift I need and the soles support this work well.

  3. Joan Says:

    Pleased. These shoes fit my foot perfectly. This is my second pair of this style. The arch support is the best I have had in a walking shoe and believe me I have tried several different brands. They withstand all kinds of weather when it comes to shoes Rockport is number one.

  4. Cape Cod Says:

    Just okay :( I had to wear these around the house for a few days and they were okay–I’m on my feet 7 straight hours and I bought them for this reason. I wore them to work and that day–my baby toe (right foot)—became irritated. I wish I could change these shoes but now they are worn. I’ve tried wearing them again but after two hours–my toe starts to blister. As from that—I loved the service and I purchased another brand of shoes and I love them. I’m not dis-satisfied just disappointed…Thanks

  5. Marla Says:

    That’s why it’s called “Classic” These shoes were comfortable from the first minute I put them on. Coming from me, that is really saying something because I have foot problems. The Rockport World Tour Classic looks great with pants and shorts, indeed very classic. Plus the service was great–they were shipped immediately and arrived in perfect condition.

  6. Judy Says:

    Another fine addition to my others!!! I have worn this style for over ten years and am never unhappy with the fit. Thanks to zappos service,(free sh/returns and courtesy discounts) I have been able to share this great shoe experience with my husband and now he’s in heaven with his own pair!!! sooooooo…share this secret with your own men, girls!!! they’ll kiss you for it!! great father’s day gift…(in men’s) These shoes are comfortable, have good looks, and are good for my feet. I did need to get a half size smaller than I normally wear as my usual was too long & too wide.

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