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  1. Darlene Says:

    Rockport WT Classic is a great shoe. The color is great and the fit is terrific. It is a very comfortable shoe with a variety of colors to choose from. I prefer Rockport shoes over any other shoe. The price is reasonable. I like this shoe as an alternative to wearing white walking shoes all the time. For me they were comfortable enough (right away!) to take my daily four mile walk. They seem to get increasingly comfortable, of course, as they are more “broken in”, but not bad at all for a brand new shoe. By the way, great service in getting them to me quickly! This is a fantastic shoe and very comfortable. I don’t think I’ll buy any other shoe. The sizing is very accurate and the shipping was fast. I’m certain this is my only shoe store from here on out for me! -BT

  2. Johanna Says:

    Rockport Classic, tour the world shoe for me! I enjoy the comfort and support of these classics because they help me tour the museums of Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and Los Angeles. These shoes are the only shoes that give my feet the support and comfort over other brands. I have spent hours and hours walking, touring all over the world and I only go with rockports. Its time to order another pair!

  3. Pat, Wisconsin Says:

    Great and I’m very hard on shoes – I use to work security for a number of years as well as farming. I probably had 8 pair of Avia shoes at one time. Now I’m still pretty active for a grandmother of two, who does office work. I’ve just ordered my second pair. First pair is still very comfortable, but not as “pretty” as new shoes after 6 months. I wear them all the time, everywhere, work and play. I may change from work clothes to after work clothes, but WT’s are the same. My feet, knees and back suffer if I wear regular shoes for more than a few hours. I’m glad I found them and highly recommend them to everyone I know.

  4. Denver Says:

    #1 in comfort – If you’re desperate for the MOST comfortable shoe you’ve ever worn, this is it. I’m in the retail business, on my feet all day. Have tried many shoes, but can’t make it through the day with any shoe other than these. I’d love to wear more fashionable shoes at work, but can’t last the day in them. These are the best!!!

  5. Judy, Arbuckle, California Says:

    Just as I remembered… I’ve owned a pair of these shoes in the tumbled brown w/black for about 10 years. They were comfy from the start. I’ve worn them in sea water, had them completely loaded with mud, and even thrown them in the washer. They’re still excellent and still take a nice polishing. Though I’ve always called them “My Grampa shoes”, knowing they’re not the most feminine or pretty shoes I own, they’ve always been the shoe I pick when I have to do any long walking (malls, the beach, or just down the street with the dogs). I just got them in Chocolate Nubuck…yum! Even softer in this Nubuck. I’ll be wearing them in Europe in Sept. Thank you for finding them in my size. -Affectionately-in-grampa-shoes, Judy.

  6. Suzan Says:

    Fabulous! These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned! Like many other reviewers, I have foot and back pain, but not when I’m wearing my WTs, even standing for hours, walking, working. They’re what my grandmother called a “sensible” shoe, so they’re not for the dressy ensemble, although I frequently wear them with a long skirt; great for casual wear. I’ve a hard time finding shoes that work for me due to an ankle fusion and need “flat” shoes. These are COMFORTABLE, GREAT LOOKING for dress, casual or work. I recommend this shoe to anyone!

  7. Kansas City Says:

    The WT Classic is on/off style and comfort. I have to have a black work shoe because I wear a uniform, and the Classic is the best looking shoe, that I’ve found. It’s very comfortable and holds up well. The last pair I had lasted for a full year and that was wearing it four days a week without a break. I ordered a second pair and was looking at Zappos to buy a third pair! These shoes helped me tour for hours. I used to have terrible heel pain, after I bourght these shoes the pain stopped. If I don’t wear them I get awful back and hip pain.These shoes are really great for me. I recommend them for the real women who want a very comfortable, good looking leather shoe.

  8. Megan Says:

    These shoes took me through a month in India and 14 days in Northern Ireland as an International Observer. I realized how great they were when one day I wore sneakers instead for a stint of standing that lasted hours. My back was killing me. I immediately went back to the Rockports. I have bought many different types of shoes since having foot surgery. My Neurologist recommended Rockports and after finally trying them, they are definitely the most comfortable shoe I own. Oklahoma City OK Walker. I purchased the Chocolate Nubuck, Rockport Walkers. This is my second pair and I plan to purchase a third. I have Diabetes and therefore have trouble purchasing shoes that feel good and are comfortable on my feet. These are wonderful shoes and I would recommend them to anyone.

  9. Aurora Says:

    Comfort, at last! I always say that I have 90 year old feet on a 50+ body; Flat feet, arthritis, the works! I’ve spent a small fortune recently, trying to find a comfortable pair of shoes and, hallelujah!, I think I’ve finally hit gold! With no adjustment; no stretching, no pads, just the shoe and my orthotic, I’m comfortable. I’m going to buy them in every color, and I’m tempted to throw away everything else I own. These are not going to work with skirts, but then again, nothing comfortable does. So these will do just fine.

  10. Susan Says:

    I found this line of Rockport Walkers after years of having problems finding shoes that fit AND looked stylish. These shoes are absolutely marvelous! I’m now on my second set of shoes in this line and am purchasing two more pairs in different types/colors of leather.

  11. Vickie Says:

    Lasts for years! I have three pair of Rockport World Tour Classic shoes. They’re all 4 years old And still have their original laces! One pair is finally showing wear on the outer heel. You can’t believe the miles I’ve put on my Rockports. These shoes have been in the classroom as my main comfort teaching shoe. They’ve been on a cruise, been to Alaska on vacation and were the first pair I put on after foot reconstructive surgery! These shoes have been in the washing machine over and over. I can’t say enough about the comfort and durability. They even have plenty of room for my custom orthotics. You can’t lose when you buy this shoe!

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