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  1. Judy Says:

    Awesome – I have been struggling with finding a comfortable walking shoe after I broke my ankle and tore all the ligaments. This shoe offered the right amount of comfort and support that allowed me to walk for a few hours in Disney. Minimal “breaking in”.

  2. Reno, Nevada Says:

    Legendary Rockport Quality – It’s getting harder to find classic shoes in the mall any more. It’s great to see that they are still offered on line. Working as a female in a maintenance environment, it’s hard to find comfortable work shoes that don’t look like combat boots. These Rockports fit the bill with classic looks that go well with khaki pants, lightweight for long days on the feet, great cushioning, dead-on sizing, and comfort from the get-go. Sturdy, too. I can go all day in them with little fatigue. The Best I have found – Zappos, a lot of Companys say their goal is Customer Satisfaction put the Sales Staff at your Company live by it. I have never received such Great Service from anyone before and I will come to you for all my future Shoe needs. Wicked Rich Shoes.I have used this shoe for many years. Ihave used this site a couple of times now and have been very satisfied.Rockport shoes are a very comfortable fit for use in a job that a lot of walking is required. Also for casual wear.I also tried Brooks they are very good also.

  3. Sandy Says:

    As a teacher of more than 30 years standing (pun intended), my feet crave comfort and support. I put on my Rockports as soon as I get home; I wear them all weekend; I even wear them to school on casual spirit shirt day. Their looks are utilitarian, but the color is less obtrusive than any white gym shoe. My purchase was for replacement; I’m glad I found them at Zappos.

  4. Illme Says:

    I’ve worn world tour for years. Really helps with back and leg problems. Not pretty, but good support. Work in a nursing home with lots of walking. I’ve been worried since they make them overseas now that they won’t be as good, but they seem to still be okay. Nice, but I don’t think so – I ordered these shoes because I’m planning a trip to Ireland this summer and wanted one all-purpose shoe. I wore them around the house but in general, they didn’t seem very comfortable – perhaps the toe is a bit too pointy for me – they did fit my orthotics nicely. I’m sticking with my Keens!

  5. Durham Says:

    Simply, these are the shoes for you if you work on your feet, on hard floors all day long. These shoes are the only shoes I can wear to work and have my feet feel good at the end of the day. I have about 5 pairs, and they are by far the best shoes for my feet I have ever found.

  6. West Virginia Says:

    I am not easy to fit! This is my third or fourth pair of Rockports. I have flat feet so I have orthodics that I must slip into all the shoes I wear. I find this shoe very comfortable and love the Classic design. It is well made and I like the extra support they give me. Not the prettiest, but definitely the comfiest! I have owned one pair of Rockport Classics for twelve years and they are still going strong. They aren’t the prettiest shoe out there, but nothing can beat them in the comfort category. For anyone who does a lot of walking, or has problems getting a shoe to fit correctly (as I do), these shoes are excellent. I highly recommend them. Want to wear them all the time, but can’t! I’ve been wearing mine for over two years and they are only now starting to wear out a little. My only gripe: you can’t wear the brown ones with a skirt. They only look good with jeans.

  7. Cheryl Says:

    Pleased – A friend recommends Rockport Shoes to anyone who’ll listen. I finally tried a pair and find them to be very comfortable. I recommended them to my mother who purchased a pair as well. They are as attractive as they can be for an orthopedic-type shoe, and it’s nice that they are available in black – which, in my opinion, does not call nearly so much attention to one’s feet as white. I’m very pleased with my purchase. PS … the price was right, and we appreciated the free shipping! Thanks. I have worn Rockport for years; for comfort this shoe cannot be beat; maybe not so lady like but at my age what difference; fits well; both size and width. Would like to find the Neutral shade again.

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