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  1. Rio, Rancho Says:

    The shoes came quickly and they were exactly what I ordered. I was concerned about the fit since I couldn’t try them on first, and had recently broken my ankle, which left one foot and leg much larger then the other. The shoes fit fine and are still doing a great job even thought the “big foot” has gone down to normal. They are very comfortable, and they give me excellent support to stand and walk.

  2. Detroit Says:

    I have been wearing Rockport’s WT classic for years. Since my feet are narrow (10 AA) it’s not always easy finding them. I have 4 pairs right now in different colors that I alternate wearing. When I’m wearing them I don’t have to think about my feet and often leave them on 10-12 hours without a problem. It’s been recommended by my podiatrist as well as my chiropractor to wear oxfords most of the time to alleviate, back, knee and foot problems so it’s important to have a good fit.(I even have to wear them with dressy clothes sometimes) I’m very satisfied. Rockports are the most comfortable shoe I have ever purchased. The only problem is that you can’t find them at your local shoe store you have to order, but Zappos carries just what you are looking for.

  3. Maryland Says:

    Buy these, be happy! This is my second pair of these shoes and it won’t be the last! The doctor told me that shoes with a stiff sole would be best for my feet so I have been wearing various styles of Rockport with steel shanks. I recently spent four days working at a convention. I realized that this was my fifteenth year of basically standing on concrete for four days. Usually by the second day my back, legs and feet would be in pain. This year I wore my new Rockport with a quality gel insole and I felt like dancing the whole time! It was great and I was very excited to feel so good. I don’t ever want to be without a pair of these shoes. I want to thank Zappos for having this shoe available. I wrote to Rockport, but they could not assist me. I saw an ad in a magazine for Zappos and decided to give you a try. I have never found any other shoe that was so comfortable as these. They wear and look great. I wear them to work daily, as I am a Bank Teller and am on my feet all the time. They are the best.

  4. Northeast New Jersey Says:

    The only faults I found with this shoe were the shoe laces were not as durable as I could wish (they shed their outer covering and lost their tips after a year or so), the Nubuck does not look good after a relatively short period. On the plus side, they are extremely comfortable, offer great support and alleviate the fatigue and leg aches associated with standing throughout a long day. They are easily my favorite shoes.

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