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  1. Old Hickory Says:

    I have worn this style shoe for several years, but I’m having to replace my old shoes because my feet have gotten wider. These are so comfortable that I wear them almost every day. They give excellent support to my feet and I also like the style. I really like these shoes and have had three or four pair. They wear like iron and are very comfortable. I have a really hard to fit foot especially in the heal area and these are the best to wear shopping or when you are going to do a lot of walking.

  2. Northern California Says:

    I have had foot problems for years and have been prescribed special orthotics which are very expensive but make it possible for me to walk without pain. However they must be worn inside a good solid walking shoe. This particular Rockport is the best one I’ve found. I remove the Rockport insole and replace it with my orthotic – the roomy toebox makes this possible. This is the shoe I wear almost every day even though it isn’t exactly fashionable in appearance. It is certainly a well-made shoe and I will buy it as long as Rockport makes it!

  3. Arlington Says:

    My second Pair – I have two pair of this style I had so much luck with the first pair I had to get another.I had real bad heel pain so a friend told me about his Rockports so I ordered and ever sence then I have been a supporter of this peoduct,confort is wonderful and my heel pain went away. The look however lacks a little but I say who cares if your feet are comfortable.

  4. Raphine Says:

    I have been wearing this Rockport walking shoe for many years. When I first purchased them, Rockport was a very new company and I had to mail order them. Through the years, Rockport grew and later was bought by Reebock. Styles changed and I tried several of the Rockport walkers that were styled like running shoes. I missed the solid support of the classic walker. Granted, it is not the most attractive shoe on the market. However, it is the only one I’ve found that offers the support and comfort I prefer. I wear them every day, whether walking for exercise or going on errands. It has proven to be a far superior walking shoe to any of the “running” look shoes I’ve tried. I have worn Rockports for 10 years, walked on 4 continents hundreds of miles and 77 years old. I now have 8 pair that I rotate. I would nor wear any other shoe. Thanks Rockport, for a shoe that supports, stays good looking and fits perfectly. Too man-ish – I ordered this shoe because I wanted a non-white athletic shoe. It’s a good looking shoe and fit well. To my eyes, though, it looked too much like a man’s shoe and I knew I wouldn’t wear them enough to get my money’s worth. Sure do appreciate Zappo’s prepaid return policy – that’s what keeps me coming back!

  5. Muio Says:

    I have suffered with plantar fasciitis for over a year and these are the ONLY and I mean “ONLY” shoe I can wear. I have pain in my foot with all other brands of shoe. This shoe is so comfortable yet it provides excellent support.

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