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  1. Lexington Says:

    It is hard to find a shoe with a narrow width and has great fit. It is comfortable and keeps my feet from tiring after walking. I would like to have the same kind of comfort and still have a stylish look. I realize that may be impossible. Joyce

  2. Brooklyn Says:

    A wonderful leather walking shoe – I have had my pair for 4 years and it was the answer to a prayer – a good, solid women’s walking shoe that didn’t look like a sneaker but gave the same kind of support. They are leather so they will eventually conform to the shape of your foot (in my case, they bulged) and will get scuffed. The only thing is, Rockports have a metal shank in the sole so the shoes will set off airport security detectors so you must take them off prior to entering the security area. Otherwise, I give it 5 stars.

  3. Atlantic, Florida Says:

    A Really Comfortable Walking Show – Having reached the age when the sole of my foot no longer has sufficient natural padding to allow me to be as active as I like to be, I have been searching for a shoe with good support, firm construction, and enough comfort for a long walk. I have always liked Rockport walkers, but this one has a new look. The tumbled leather surface has a rugged appeal that goes well with jeans or khakis. The shoes are new, and I am hoping they will retain their form through lots of use. Bring back the black suede version! I’ve had these shoes for over a year in black suede. This version looks appropriate for work, but I am not sure about the others. They alleviate a lot of foot problems for me. I’d love it if they were still offered in black suede or nubuck. I’ve been wearing these shoes for eight years. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and these shoes have enabled me to walk several miles a day with no pain. Previous to these, I had to wear running shoes to work; these shoes provide me with a little more professional look.

  4. North Carolina Says:

    Long time wearer – I have worn this style Rockport for a very long time–I think I have worn out five pairs. The fit is a little narrower than my last pair which is fine with me since I prefer a AA width. I wear these for long walks (4-8 miles) in the country and short walks over roughish terrain (but not rough enough for hiking boots). I love ‘em!

  5. Somis Says:

    Walked all over Europe – These babies may not be the most stylish shoes in the world but they are the most comfortable. My husband and I went to London for a week followed by Ireland for a month and we walked millions of miles…our tootsies were always comfortable. I have multiple foot problems and I feel this shoe will do good for me. I have to walk about a half mile from parkling lot to my office and I needed a good shoe for this. I have only just started wearing the shoe. My husband also owns a pair of these. Not much to look at, but very comfortable. There is no reason why Rockport couldn’t take this shoe and make it look a little better. It is wonderful feeling though. Very supportive and comfortable.

  6. Wisconsin Says:

    This is my second pair of this style. For everyday at work, they are comfortable and sufficiently nice looking. They could be a little better cushioned–a bit stiff to start with, but they break in well. And they look a little clunky. But I need to balance looks and support, and these provide great support and comfort for long days with a lot of walking. This the second pair of Rockport shoes I have worn I LOVE THEM, They are comfortable, lightweight, and very durable. I wear them everyday, in fact, I am still wearing the first pair which I have owned for 2yrs. They show very little wear, starting to look a little rough, as I live on a farm. I ordered a half size smaller this time.

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