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  1. Michigan Says:

    JUST LIKE WALKING ON CLOUD 9 :o ) These really are very comfortable, I also bought a pair for my husband in the men�s and he fell in love with his too! He wears his to work. We both were having really bad pains in our heels it was almost too painful to walk, these really made a difference for my heel completely taking the pain away… my husbands heel pain has greatly subsided his pain is still there but its not unbearable like before. We will never switch! Wrong shoe size – I found that Uggs generally run larger than marked. I wear an 8, sometimes 8 1/2, but buy the Womens 7. For some reason this shoe didn’t fall in those guidelines. I bought this shoe in the W 7 and it is way too small, need an 8. Great looking shoe though, I look forward to getting the right size.

  2. Lauren Says:

    They are perfect for winter. You can wear them with jeans and great for sweats. I was hesitant about which color, but I am very happy with the black because they go with everything and don’t look like the typical Ugg shoe! They are also very warm and can be worn without socks. Awesome Ugg’s! Very cozy and extremely comfortable. Great for trips outside to get the paper or firewood (or even a quick trip to the store if you forget you have them on)! Buy 1/2 size bigger if you want to wear them with socks, but they’re so warm, it’s not necessary.

  3. Seattle Says:

    Liked my Simples better – I’ve owned Simple’s version of these in tan for almost 2 years and really wanted a pair in black. Simple’s have purple lining which I’m not into so I opted for Ugg’s even though they were almost double the price. They are very nice but my Simple’s are much more comfortable and better fitting. The Ugg’s are cut just a bit lower which makes the heel slip even though the toe feels tight. This is my second pair after I wore my first pair ragged. The sole takes a little breaking in to get some flexibility, but after that, it’s hard to get me to take them off. And they are great for running to the grocery store on cold days, around the house, etc. Love the comfort and the width and deeper toe box is great for foot problems !!! Easy to slip into but prefer NO back as a clog, and wish the stitching was black instead of white as the Tasman has. I find the white detail jarring and think it will get dirty quickly ! Ugg’s Tasman’s – This is a large price to pay for “slippers”. But totally worth it. They are a wonderful cross between a shoe and a slipper. Very cozy, yet I can run to the garden or out to the car without any worry, even when it’s wet. They fit very well. I have a high instep and there is no problem with the fit.

  4. Mengvall Says:

    I have owned Ugg Tasman slippers for many years. Now that they are so popular, they are hard to find. I still love them and find them worth the money as they last for years. I found the selection and service at Zappos to be great as well. I bought these for my wife. She’s never owned a product by Ugg. She was surprised at the comfort and versatility of these slippers, and really liked the way they look. The Uggs are all she wears when we’re home! (oops) Black- Ugg Tasman – I love my new Ugg Tasman’s. They are so comfortable, I wear them out of the house as shoes instead of as slippers. They are great with jeans or even dress pants for a more casual look. I recomend ordering from Zappos the shipping time was sooo quick, I had my shoes in 2 days.

  5. Kris Says:

    Highly recommend – fastest delivery – These shoes are incredibly comfortable! I absolutely love them. I normally wear a 9 so I ordered a 9. They were way too big. I called Zappos that evening around 10pm, I had a size 8 delivered to me the very next day. I don’t know how they did it, I couldn’t believe how fast they got them to me! Super Slippers – Ordered the chestnut, can’t wait to get home every day and put them on after work, snuggy, warm and the sole is more than sufficient to wear outside to get the paper, take out the trash or warm up the car! GET SOME! Very comfortable and warm (but not too warm). Great for shorter trips outside. Well worth the price. I’ve had my last pair of UGGs for over 5 years and still wear them.

  6. Metro Boston Says:

    My new Ugg’s – I tried on a pair of Ugg’s Tasmans when I was in CA and thought that I would enjoy owning a pair. I am thrilled to own them. I have three pairs of Ugg’s boots and wanted a pair to wear in the house. The fit is perfect. I have a wide foot and the 8 fits like a glove. They have the warmth that I need in my two hundred year old house without being heavy. I ordered them in black and was concerned about the color. Kenneth Cole Reaction Wanna Ride Boots. Since owning them I am delighted to have purchased the black. That way if we are having company, I do not have to put on my Wanna Ride shoes so I my feet are still warm and cozy. I was also so very happy with Zappo’s. My order was placed the Saturday of President’s weekend. I was told to expect them five working days hence. To my great surprise they arrived on MONDAY, only two days after ordering them

  7. Davis Says:

    Awesome shoe – Overall a very wonderful shoe. I’ve described them to my friends as “the most comfortable shoes of my life.” They’re just that good. When I first got the shoes they felt a half size too small and sort of narrow. After going up a size, they feel great!

  8. Emma Says:

    The Ugg Tasmans are a comfy shoe, true to size and width, but there is a tag in the bottom side of the shoe that really is annoying.. I otta just snip it out, but it would be better to make the shoe without funny tag placement like that. I wear em all the time anyway.. along with the other excellent Ugg boots, and slippers that now live in my closet.

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